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 Steering the iron steed through the winter

Train brakes and wheel bearings of trains must work without fail. Because this is so important, the temperature and other operating parameters are monitored from the track. A covering of snow causes problems that can be prevented by flexibly controlling data acquisition. more info
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 Displays that give a clear view

Displays made of organic LEDs are brightly lit but tend to be mostly opaque. Making them transparent opens up a whole new world of applications: OLEDs can be wedded with conventional LCDs and transform laminated glass into a display panel. more info
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 Featherweight metal

Metal foams, full of tiny air bubbles like a sponge cake, are gradually making inroads in industrial applications. Lightness and high energy absorption are two demanded material characteristics. Less known is the use of open-pored variants for decorative purposes. more info
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 Liquid wood

Renewable sources provide the raw materials for a growing variety of everyday products. One example is a meltable wood polymere called Arboform®, which is injection-molded to produce different parts. In the near future, an extruder will form artists’ crayons and cosmetic pencils. more info
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 Calculating people passing by

Is it possible to make reliable predictions of the number of people who walk or drive down a particular street in Germany? Even without conducting special traffic surveys? Yes, and the solution lies in spatial data mining of different sources. more info
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 Computers estimate emotions

Many computers are already able to see and hear. However, they have no way of telling whether their users are happy or angry. At CeBIT 2006, researchers will be presenting techniques that could one day enable the digital servant to respond to the mood of its human master. more info
 High-Tech Gründerfonds unterstützt Spin-off

Spektakuläre Diebstähle oder auch einfach nur unabsichtliche Beschädigungen moderner Kunst in Museen oder Privatsammlungen sorgen immer wieder für Schlagzeilen. Mit Videoüberwachung lassen sich viele Straftaten schon im Vorfeld erkennen und verhindern. Das Potsdamer Unternehmen Vis-à-pix hat sich auf die intelligente Analyse von Videodaten spezialisiert. Der High-Tech-Gründerfonds unterstützt jetzt die Ausgründung aus dem Fraunhofer-Institut für Nachrichtentechnik, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut HHI mit Wachstumskapital. more info
 Weihnachtsbaum am Fraunhofer-Haus.

Dr. Bock mit leuchtendem Paneel.

 Licht aus der Folie: Weltweit einzigartige Weihnachtsbeleuchtung am Fraunhofer-Haus

Bunt leuchtet in der Weihnachtszeit die Weltneuheit am Fraunhofer-Haus: Forscher des benachbarten Fraunhofer-Instituts für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration IZM haben mit einem Rolle-zu-Rolle-Verfahren großflächige Lichtquellen auf der Basis von Elektrolumineszenz auf Kunststoff gedruckt. Am Hochhaus kommen die Paneele erstmalig zum Einsatz. more info
 New high-tech venture capital fund

A new venture capital firm, Munich Venture Partners, is cooperating with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft to float a fund for financing high-tech startups. One of its main focuses will be to support Fraunhofer technology spin-offs. more info
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