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 Link: download picture:Fogged up windshields
 A clear view with transparent coatings

Fogged-up windshields will soon be a thing of the past: A new lacquer will ensure better visibility in tomorrow’s cars. The electrically conductive coating uses nanotechnology to heat the windshield across its entire surface – with no wires to obstruct the view. more info
 Enhanced protection for containers

In future, goods will be able to travel the seas even more safely than at present – in containers capable of withstanding collisions and even explosions. This is achieved by adding thin damping and reinforcing layers to the container walls. more info
 Link: download picture:COMPASS
 COMPASS intelligently leads the way

Without the corresponding language skills, it is not easy to go shopping in a foreign country, find one’s way around or decipher a menu. Researchers are therefore developing a digital helper for the 2008 Olympic Games in China. more info
 As fast as a shark in water

With the help of tiny ridge-like structures in their scales, sharks are able to minimize drag when swimming. A new coating system takes advantage of this “riblet effect” to improve the aerodynamics of vehicles and aircraft. more info
 Link: download picture: wind turbines
 Building wind turbines as fast as the wind

Installing wind turbines at sea is not an easy task. The steel giants must be firmly anchored so as to weather any storm. Researchers have now developed a new simulation tool to help in planning the construction of three-legged steel foundations. more info
 Link: Dowload picture:Survey trains
 Surveying for obstacles on the track

To ensure that travelers and goods safely reach their destination, the LIMEZ III survey train quickly and precisely inspects the route network. Its sophisticated measurement systems even detect the smallest of obstacles. more info
 Link: Download Picture: AutoTram®
 A train on the street

Streetcar or bus? The AutoTram® offers the best of both: Up to 36 meters long, it can carry as many passengers as a streetcar while being as versatile as a bus. A flywheel energy storage system absorbs part of the braking energy and cuts operating costs. more info
 Foto: Prof. Gumbsch
 Leibniz Prize for Peter Gumbsch

German Research Foundation (DFG) awards highest German research prize to the director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM in Freiburg and Halle. more info
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